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We, the management of the Sachsenhausen Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, welcome you to our webpage. We are guided by longstanding traditions as our clinic which is located in the center of such a beautiful and famous city as Frankfurt is more than 120 years old.

Medical treatment in Germany is now a constantly growing and a welcome phenomenon. We would be happy if our medical expertise can be useful for patients from abroad in the treatment of diseases and to improve the quality of life.

What began as the first specialized hospital for diabetics treatment in Germany, or even in Europe, over the years has developed into a regional-scale clinic with such an important and narrow specialization in the meanwhile. We are also specialists in bariatric surgery and perform more than 1,000 operations every year. We occupy a leading position in the field of minimally invasive gynaecological surgery as well. Every year we help more than 1,400 babies to be born, and are an integral part of emergency medical care for patients with heart attack due to our department of emergency cardiology.

Overview of Our Specialized Departments:

  • Department of Surgery with a wide range of operations: bariatric surgery, general and visceral surgery, traumatic surgery, hernia repair surgery, surgical oncology
  • Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology
  • Department of Obstetrics and Perinatal Medicine
  • Department of Gynaecological Surgery
  • Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Department of Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Somnology
  • Department of Anesthesiology
  • MEDIPARG physiotherapy: physiotherapy, obesity treatment, rehabilitation and fitness training

Being charity oriented, we put the health and well-being of each person in the first place. In the center of Frankfurt, we offer our patients high-level medical services in all sincerity. On our website we would like to give you an overview of our services. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Dr. Uwe Kage
Hospital Director

Annette Liller
Director of Nursing

Prof., Dr. med. Plamen Staikov
Medical Director

Dr. Uwe Kage

Dr. Uwe Kage

Hospital Director

Annette Liller

Annette Liller

Director of Nursing

Prof., Dr. med. Plamen Staikov

Prof., Dr. med. Plamen Staikov

Medical Director

Frankfurt am Main: Best opportunities for medical tourism and treatment in Germany

Frankfurt is one of the strongest health regions in the world. The Frankfurt location is ideally located logistically and can easily be reached by plane from several destinations. The Frankfurt location offers several promising options in medical treatment as well as in the area of tourism and shopping.

Many patients come from other countries for treatment in Germany, explicitly in Frankfurt. Some clinics in Germany have since many years a special focus on the treatment of foreign patients from different countries, with their special competence in a particular field of treatment.

On this occasion, the organizers Tourism + Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main and the IHK Frankfurt am Main held a joint discussion and discussion on 22nd October on the occasion of a joint symposium. This medical network is the platform for all those who want to treat more foreign patients and want to network more internationally on the subject of treatment in Germany.

In addition to informative presentations and discussions, the following questions played a role: Where does our region stand in the international health competition? What can we do to make the region more visible internationally? And which are the success factors for regional players?

At this conference our Prof MD Plamen Staikov, Chief Physician Surgical Clinic and our Medical Director at the Hospital Sachsenhausen, participated with a great commitment and with success.

If you are looking for a treatment of the highest possible standards in Germany, we welcome you to our Hospital Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt. At our Sachsenhausen Clinic, you will receive the best possible care in general, bariatric and visceral surgery. Obesity surgery plays also a global role at our hospital. Our Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer of General and Bariatric Surgery, Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Mr. Plamen Staikov, has many years of experience in this field, especially in the surgical treatment of obesity, as well as in gastric bypass surgery and in all operations related to visceral surgery.

We also have a fully equipped reflux treatment center, and we offer diagnostics and treatment, as well as the LINX Reflux Management System.

At our clinic you will be accommodated in a cozy atmosphere in comfortable rooms. Due to the fact that it is close to the center of Frankfurt, you or your accompanying persons have an ideal starting point for a walk around the city, to do shopping in famous shops or to visit a restaurant.

If you would like to learn more about medical treatment in Germany, explicitly at our Hospital Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt, our team is at your disposal.

Our Department of General and Bariatric Surgery specializes in the surgical treatment of obesity, in gastric bypass/ shunting surgery. The installation of the LINX Reflux Management System and the surgical treatment of reflux esophagitis are also part of our range of activities. In this respect, our clinic is known both in the Frankfurt region and in Germany. This means that patients from different parts of Germany and abroad come to our clinic to find a successful solution through the surgical treatment of obesity.

About 1,000 operations only in the field of bariatric surgery are performed in our hospital Sachsenhausen in Frankrurt annually! This figure is generally considered very high in Germany. Therefore, our clinic Sachsenhausen in the field of treatment in bariatric surgery is one of the leading in Germany. Many years of experience and such a large number of surgeries allow us to improve methods and conduct treatment at an affordable price at the highest level both for patients from Germany and for patients from other countries.

Our experienced team of surgeons, endocrinologists and diabetologists will help you before, during and after treatment in our clinic. See you in Frankfurt, the business capital in the center of Europe!

Treatment in Germany has been rapidly gaining popularity for the past 20 years. Our hospital, like other hospitals in Frankfurt, receives daily applications for the treatment of various diseases and varying degrees of complexity. Basically, almost all the situations that come to us in requests for treatment can be positively corrected by surgical treatment followed by combination therapy consisting of physiotherapy, medications and, in some situations, with the help of psychological training. The team of our clinic Sachsenhazuen has developed a systematic approach for the treatment of our foreign patients who come to our clinic in Frankfurt, and indeed for treatment in Germany, with great hopes and expectations. Therefore, preparation for the patient’s arrival, a correct assessment of the situation and treatment options is very important for us.

For more information, please visit “Site Menu” and the section “Departments”.

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