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Our Mission

Stating the mission of our clinic, we would like to talk on the motivation, objectives and form of our work. In addition, we want to provide people who use our services with information about our business principles.

“Diaconia in the center of attention” is the motto of our clinic. For us, this means that the existing diaconia (charity service in the Lutheran church) places a person at the center of all activities and occupies a central place in the Christian religion.

The existing diakonia follows the commandments of Jesus Christ and places a human being at the center of attention of all professional activities.

While carrying out these tasks, we are sometimes in the area of confrontation between the conflicting expectations of patients/ relatives, employees, society and profitability requirements. Therefore, our mission is the goals which we are approaching in the course of constant improvements. They are necessary for the daily orientation of our activities.

Who are We?

Our constituent organization, the Deutsche Gemeinschafts-Diakonieverband (DGD, German Association of Diaconal Communities), is a charitable organization of intrachurch Pietism (reformatory movement) in Germany which belongs to the Evangelical Gnadauer Association (Evangelischer Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverband). It professes the principles of the Evangelical Union of Germany and is a specialized charity-oriented association of the Evangelical Church in Germany and is a member of the World Federation of Diaconal Associations and Communities ‒ DIAKONIA.

The accumulated experience of the Reformation, Pietism and the Christian Revival Movement makes an important basis for the appearance and development of DGD with its branches.

What Do We Stand for?

To all our activities we apply the principle that each human being exists in accordance with God's will and is loved by Him and is unique and inimitable. He or she is the unity of body, soul, and spirit. The biblical concept of a human being is the basis of our activity.

The life given by the Lord is sacred. The beginning, middle and end of life are in the hands of God. Therefore, a person's dignity and value are inviolable, including periods of illness, old age, disability, feebleness, decrepitude, spiritual and mental changes.

The mission of the church is to testify God's love for the world in the evangelical space of all people. Diaconia in our clinic is a form of such evidence. It is aimed at patients with their physical, mental, spiritual and social needs.

What Do We Offer?

in respect of patients/ relatives

  • We value our patients and treat them with sincere attention.
  • We focus our activities on a patient's individual needs.
  • We provide qualified, comprehensive patient care in close collaboration with relatives and health care partners. The decisive criterion for assessing our quality is our patients' satisfaction.
  • We refer to the gospel of Jesus Christ so as to reveal the spiritual essence of life and death, health and sickness, healing and suffering.
  • We consider ourselves obliged to attend to dying people and reject active euthanasia.

in respect of employees

  • Each employee is a part of our clinic. Friendliness, professionalism and personal interest are the basis of good service. Everyone is responsible for the overall quality of service.
  • An important condition for diaconal activity is, in particular, mutual respect, communication and support. Therefore, we support personal responsibility, transparency of processes and reliability as the basis of honest relationships.
  • It is important for us to follow the principles of DGD. Increasing compliance with these principles improves the working environment and the joint work of our departments. This contributes to the improvement of the quality of the services provided and benefits our patients. We make it possible to do independent and meaningful work and at the same time use resources economically.
  • In order to ensure our employees' professional and social competence in theory and in practice, we encourage them to get education, as well as to improve their skills.

in respect of our organization and society as a whole

  • Our services are available to all. We ensure the transparency of processes and subject ourselves and our actions to correction. Constant innovations, testing work and, if necessary, correcting shortcomings are important to us.
  • We welcome volunteers. They (for example, Green Ladies of Ev. Krankenhaushilfe) help take care of our patients. We collaborate with local Christian communities.
  • It is our goal and ongoing responsibility to continuously check and, if necessary, improve the quality of our work.
  • We provide our services at the highest possible professional, technical and scientific level. So that our patients benefit, we combine friendly concern, modern medicine and advanced techniques.
Dr. Uwe Kage

Dr. Uwe Kage

Hospital Director

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Annette Liller

Director of Nursing

Prof., Dr. med. Plamen Staikov

Prof., Dr. med. Plamen Staikov

Medical Director

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