The Department of Internal Medicine is headed by Prof. Dr. med. med. Claudius Teupe at the Sachsenhausen Clinic, Germany, Frankfurt

The Department of Internal Medicine is headed by Prof. Dr. med. med. Claudius Teupe

In our Department of Internal Medicine, we offer patients with acute and chronic medical illnesses diagnostics and therapy at a high level, without losing sight of the whole person with his worries and needs. We are convinced that healing, especially in internal medicine, is not only based on expertise and targeted use of state-of-the-art medical technology, but also on clinical experience and the ability to care for human beings.

We see one of our main tasks in a comprehensive basic medical care, which includes in our house traditionally also the acute medical care of the elderly.

Internal medicine is a core area of ​​medicine - both in patient care and in research and teaching. It deals with the structure, the function and the diseases of all organ systems of our body. A specialist in internal medicine (internist) specializes in the prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation of malfunctions or functional failures of the following body systems, including scientific progress:

Each of these extensive areas requires special medical care and sometimes deeper knowledge and experience for specific issues. Therefore, each section forms its own focus of internal medicine with a specific training (for example, a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology). On the other hand, all diseases specific to the center of gravity are also in complex interdependencies, which lead to the involvement of various organs in most internal diseases and make complex diagnostic considerations indispensable. In addition to the focal internists, there is also a cross-thematic specialist in internal medicine. This can be active both in the primary care as well as in the specialist care area. He takes on a kind of pilot function, coordinates and controls the diagnostic and treatment processes as a "generalist" and, if necessary, refers to a specialist in internal medicine.

Internal medicine is a central component of all medicine and represents a link with all medical disciplines, as far as internal diseases play a role. The internist takes into account factors such as medical care. For example, the patient's personal and family history, physical condition and psychosocial environment. In order to do justice to the patient as a whole, care is interdisciplinary. In addition to his internist colleagues, the internist in the primary care area works in close collaboration with well-educated colleagues from various disciplines (radiologists, surgeons, physiotherapists, etc.).

If you have questions about our treatment offers in internal medicine at our hospital, do not hesitate to contact us.

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